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Phone number 503-307-5456 has the approximate caller location of PORTLAND , Oregon. The registered telephone company for this number is CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON WIRELESS - OR . This phone number maybe a cellular mobile, or fixed landline.

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Dec 05 05:39AM

Join the class action lawsuit against Julia Forte if she (the cyber criminal owner of 1-800 notes) is slandering you as well. Google her name there are literally thousands of victims. She will be arrested and locked up soon. Expose Julia Forte she is a habitual cyber fraud criminal guilty if extortion, blackmail, fraud, libel, child sex abuse and much more. We are sueing her for damages and anyone else who has been a victim of this psychotic cyber stalker should as well.

Jul 12 04:28AM

Thank you for removing the defamatory post authored by the cyber stalker. He was identified by the authorities thanks for the assistance from this site. The owner of the phone number 503-307-5456 is a reputable individual and the fictitious posts that were removed were in no way factual. Thank you.

Jul 02 12:41AM

I am addicted to cyber stalking and slandering women online, or associates of theirs, as well as owners of businesses on any street in Portland. I live in my moms basement near College women so I can peek at and cyber stalk them. When I look at the pics on their social website postings, I get excited by the photos and match them to their phone numbers and addresses then stalk them by posting thier names and addresses on phone review websites with lies I make up because I have an dysfunctional co

Jul 01 10:56PM

This is the number of a person who knows someone who knows Lisa in Portland. She is a psychologist that will speak out if you call for any of the dads he has on her list for all the work she does. She then takes your number and shares it with clients so you get a whole bunch of work calls. She also has a wife and comes on to women to date them, so when women get screwed by her and go go-go over her, her partner shows up to muddy the water and take her home.

Jul 01 08:37PM

Caller is Curly and Larry from the three stogies. They work or own Philly Cheese Steakhouse in the parkrose area of Portland. If you call for a sandwich they will sing you a duet then do a backflip for a quarter. Curly has a mole on his left thigh and Larry works at the Portland Tea house in Bend. They live in the Brambedon Apartments near PSU College and if you look at their ads you can see the apartment they live in. I found out who they were by stalking them every day for the last six years

Apr 30 01:29AM

Call was from a lady telling me I could lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks or get my money back!

Mar 19 12:35PM

Salesman selling Nag Champa and Fig Newtons. I told him to wait for the ghost of Christmas past and order me a fat goose.

Jan 17 06:54AM

call my phone again and called me back in Nigeria every time I call she hang up calls back made over 6 calls yesterday from Nigeria and Armenia I'm so tired of it could someone tell me this lady's full name first is Sarah her husband is Chinese has a ad on Craigslist for a yacht and when you call him he asked you can you read black and white and if you say no he calls you back in Nigeria calls you back place place take pads on your phone I had to change my number always had this number one good

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