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Tired of not knowing who keeps calling you repeatedly? Or has a caller been rude and disrespectful of your privacy? Well, so are we! This site was established to help our users determine who keeps bothering them with unwanted and unsolicited calls to their phone number. We depend upon the input from you, our visitors, to share their interactions with problem callers so that others may benefit from that knowledge later. Help us put an end to the continual problem of telephone harassment and invasion of privacy by updating our database regularly!

Recent Visitor Input

Feb 19 07:30PM

calls and no message
Reported by Bob

Feb 19 03:45PM

Trying to figure out who's number this is
Reported by Chad butler

Feb 18 04:15PM

called 2.18 at 3:22 pm- and hung up on me several times.
Reported by Dilbar

Feb 16 11:57AM

This is "Trucks on call". A business that has been harassing me by phone, on average 5-9 per day. When I pick up, they are immature, unprofessional, and desperate to get a reaction. I am reporting them to the police.
Reported by Not Eric

Feb 16 01:28AM

Random texts
Reported by Shayne

Feb 15 05:37PM

received call no message
Reported by harry

Feb 15 04:56PM

I received a call from 214-247-7334 they would no speak and hung up. I called back but there was no answer.
Reported by V

Feb 14 09:53AM

Business name
Reported by Neal

Feb 14 06:01AM

I was contacted by "Russell Evans" through my website asking for a need to do website design for a new company and if they could pay with a credit card. Email was from Also got a text from phone number 414-215-9967. This is a scam.
Reported by Gerald

Feb 12 11:15PM

No comment
Reported by Matthew

Feb 10 01:21PM

Totally! this just happened to me too! Text and email through my website.
Reported by Sharon

Feb 10 12:59PM

nkk kjhiuy juu
Reported by botswaba

Feb 10 12:29PM

Reported by Daniel Monforte

Feb 10 12:22PM

This number frequently calls me but never leaves a message .
Reported by Angela

Feb 09 05:33PM

Reported by JOHN O DAVID

Feb 09 02:03PM

Unknown caller
Reported by mjmeader

Feb 09 01:08PM

Does not answer return calls will let telephone ring no answer. Caller ID says something about "sales" spelled differently. Haven't fully caught the title yet. They have an alternate number also 1- 954 933-7515
Reported by Ms.Ogles

Feb 08 03:30PM

this is my nephew mobile number he is missing
Reported by ark alam

Feb 08 02:20PM

Who called me?
Reported by Teri

Feb 08 01:52PM

Leaving no message, think its a tellamarketer
Reported by julie couch

Feb 08 01:06PM

This number has harss me and stole my identification
Reported by Frank

Feb 08 12:34AM

This guy was really strange
Reported by J. Parsons

Feb 07 02:03PM
Reported by Rachel

Feb 07 10:34AM

not sure why valentine
Reported by the boss

Feb 06 05:28PM

no conversation.
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