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Tired of not knowing who keeps calling you repeatedly? Or has a caller been rude and disrespectful of your privacy? Well, so are we! This site was established to help our users determine who keeps bothering them with unwanted and unsolicited calls to their phone number. We depend upon the input from you, our visitors, to share their interactions with problem callers so that others may benefit from that knowledge later. Help us put an end to the continual problem of telephone harassment and invasion of privacy by updating our database regularly!

Recent Visitor Input

May 23 05:56PM

This # text you as if he's a single guy but it's his jealous girlfriend/wife on the other end. She does not stop!!!
Reported by Cece Bonett9

May 23 01:34PM

Reported by dellaportes

May 19 07:48PM

He's a pedophile
Reported by Kay

May 17 12:22PM

Got a call from here but no one responded when I answered
Reported by R.W.F

May 16 02:40PM

I do not know who this number belongs to.
Reported by Doris Telles

May 10 02:58PM

Called, but did not answer
Reported by Katrina

May 09 10:30AM

This number calls me and leaves no messsges. Frustrating!!!
Reported by Cindy

May 05 07:18PM

Need to find it
Reported by Lakeita

May 04 01:02PM

Reported by sTEVE

May 03 11:50AM

This person is sending cleaning ladies to my home to clean it. She is saying her name is Annie cole and is buying our house. That is not true. She has sent 4 different companies to clean a house that is not hers. It's a huge scam.
Reported by Trisha

May 03 11:09AM

Calls demanding owner for an "Investigation". Said not avail and she hung up. I blocked number.
Reported by Jason

May 03 10:59AM

Calling about energy efficient windows. I called back and told them I wasn't interested, stop calling.
Reported by Frank

May 01 11:07AM

es un hijo de pene
Reported by toto

Apr 30 01:29AM

Call was from a lady telling me I could lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks or get my money back!
Reported by Jenny Craig

Apr 27 04:54AM

Don't know who it is
Reported by Jane smith

Apr 26 01:52PM

Over a 3-week period, from 7 April through 25 April 2017, I have received five (5) unwanted phone calls from this number. The Caller ID says "Teaneck, NJ." But, when I answer the calls, and say "Hello," there is no one there. What is going on here?
Reported by Pete Normand

Apr 25 04:57PM

I've gotten a call from this number twice. They never leave a message. Not sure who it is, but I don't answer numbers I don't recognize.
Reported by SBG

Apr 25 01:52PM

Text to donate money with a link!
Reported by b40years

Apr 24 06:11PM

It just keep texting
Reported by Ray

Apr 21 09:56AM

Please stop calling me!!!!! Calls everyday and no one speaks!!!!
Reported by Audrey Wade

Apr 20 04:13PM

Credit card interest rate scam.. I don't even own a credit card!
Reported by Anon

Apr 19 03:53PM

they called, I answered thwt didn't respond just silence
Reported by JD

Apr 18 10:31PM

Still receiving calls no messages left . Very very very annoying
Reported by Ronita Freeze

Apr 17 12:40PM

He is a POS he is a trick and tries to pay for pussy
Reported by Autumn

Apr 16 11:05AM

your wrong a guy owns this numbrr
Reported by lisa

Apr 14 03:16PM

called around 2 pm on Good Friday. Very noisy background, several seconds went by before the Indian sounding man spoke. He did not know me. not sure what he wanted.
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