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Tired of not knowing who keeps calling you repeatedly? Or has a caller been rude and disrespectful of your privacy? Well, so are we! This site was established to help our users determine who keeps bothering them with unwanted and unsolicited calls to their phone number. We depend upon the input from you, our visitors, to share their interactions with problem callers so that others may benefit from that knowledge later. Help us put an end to the continual problem of telephone harassment and invasion of privacy by updating our database regularly!

Recent Visitor Input

Aug 14 02:27PM

This is the number that appears as a 'missed call' after diverting from the 'incoming call' from 959-200-5955.
Reported by Georgette Filer

Aug 14 10:40AM

this caller will call and curse you out and make threats and hang up
Reported by Tired

Aug 10 05:19PM

Sunrise Collections Debt Collector
Reported by LL

Aug 05 08:51AM

He stole my phone
Reported by Chanel forbes

Aug 04 05:42PM

Realty telemarketing
Reported by N

Aug 03 02:54PM

They asked for the business owner or controller for an investigation. I hung up on them.
Reported by Katie

Jul 28 12:01PM

Automated voice calls from this number that calls me 3+ times every day. Extremely annoying
Reported by Michael

Jul 27 04:55PM

Unknown caller
Reported by Millie richardson

Jul 27 11:32AM

Was a spam caller using this number
Reported by TJ

Jul 26 01:29PM

He called and asked for the owner reguarding the investigation. When asked ,"who are you calling", he replied "whatever " then hung up.
Reported by F.T.

Jul 25 10:04AM

Need name for number possible doctor
Reported by Mary Ann Lane

Jul 24 04:02PM

We do not know anyone at this number. No message left
Reported by Jan

Jul 24 11:21AM

This is the second time I have received a call from this number. I ignored it the first time, as they left no message and I didn't recognize it. The second time I returned the call because my parents were vacationing in Florida and I thought something might have happened. There was no answer and no answering machine on which to leave a message; however, there was a voice message on my phone that was clearly left by mistake of a young child complaining to his abuela that another child had scratch
Reported by Cheryl

Jul 20 06:02PM

I did not answer the call. No message was left. Unknown number to me.
Reported by Brian

Jul 19 01:11PM

Reported by Diane Battle

Jul 18 05:32PM

Robo recorded call from: Elizabeth saying I have been rewarded a special vacation package. Calls repeatedly. Opt out option useless.
Reported by LB

Jul 18 03:29PM

Hilton Grand Vacation Club
Reported by LB

Jul 18 03:27PM

Las Vegas Vacation Sales
Reported by LB

Jul 14 04:27PM

Supposdely "won a $100 gift card.. as per the publishers, as a member who has a current MasterCard, visa..." When I asked how I was "chosen" and said that I didn't enter to win anything (AKA you're trying to run a scam) he said, "you're over thinking it" and hung up on me.
Reported by S

Jul 14 10:17AM

A Mr. HOWARD has called several times for the wrong person. Try 2 years of phone calls. I got a person and het name was Beverly Jones. She was rude and hung up on me. She didn't care what I had to say, she was completely unprofessional. I have tried to explain that they have the wrong number for 2 years. Time to lawyer up and find these people. Can't wait to get them!!
Reported by Laurie Henson

Jul 12 09:24PM

Robo call vacation sales
Reported by Lana B

Jul 12 09:23PM

Robo call vacation sales
Reported by Lana B

Jul 12 09:17PM

Prank callers repeatedly called number. Scam person texted sending a picture wanted to know who I was and she was claiming no call came from get number. When I called back she tried to say I was calling her. Sent a fake pic thru text claiming she was a business lady.
Reported by Casha

Jul 12 04:28AM

Thank you for removing the defamatory post authored by the cyber stalker. He was identified by the authorities thanks for the assistance from this site. The owner of the phone number 503-307-5456 is a reputable individual and the fictitious posts that were removed were in no way factual. Thank you.
Reported by Janet Rice Attorney LLC

Jul 09 08:34PM

BlackMail - send me 1000$ or your family and job will find out how you like to hookup other girls on backpage
Reported by TR

Jul 06 03:45PM

called from Deer Ridge golf course(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) soliciting business for their upcoming ad campaign
Reported by Tim

Jul 03 08:51PM

Not recognized, did not leave message.
Reported by Ole Sarge

Jul 02 12:41AM

I am addicted to cyber stalking and slandering women online, or associates of theirs, as well as owners of businesses on any street in Portland. I live in my moms basement near College women so I can peek at and cyber stalk them. When I look at the pics on their social website postings, I get excited by the photos and match them to their phone numbers and addresses then stalk them by posting thier names and addresses on phone review websites with lies I make up because I have an dysfunctional co
Reported by Anonymous

Jul 01 10:56PM

This is the number of a person who knows someone who knows Lisa in Portland. She is a psychologist that will speak out if you call for any of the dads he has on her list for all the work she does. She then takes your number and shares it with clients so you get a whole bunch of work calls. She also has a wife and comes on to women to date them, so when women get screwed by her and go go-go over her, her partner shows up to muddy the water and take her home.
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